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6 Lessons

principles ~ public poisons ~ distress control ~ support ~ recovery & prevention ~ holistic natural lifestyle

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Natural Health Wellness Learning Module



Thank you for your interest in holistic natural health and wellness.


Natural Health Wellness Test

For more personal help, take the test, then check the key for the suggestions.


“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.” - Hippocrates


1) Natural Health Wellness Principles

- dis-ease

        toxins, environmental poisons

        “SAD” Diet: The "Standard American Diet" is SAD .

             junk foods


        stressful lifestyle


- natural health wellness principles

        distress of the organism

        prevention, rejuvenation

                    - other factors

                            protecting health

                            health concerns, alternatives



2) Public Poisons

- poisons in water and food

- other environmental toxins

- household poisons

- institutional poisons

- deception, fraud


3) Distress Control

- distress of the organism

- holistic natural stress control and self-care


4) Support for Basic Body Functions

- digestion and colon health

- support for important organs and the blood

- alkalinity

supplements, super foods and herbs


      5) Recovery and Prevention

             - details for Natural Health Wellness Test indicators

      - help for systems and organs

      - recovering wellness

       prevention of problems


 6) Holistic Natural Lifestyle

- healthy lifestyle choices

- holistic reality ~ the philosophy of life improvement

essentials of Holistic Learning


. . . The Natural Health Wellness Test is a valuable introduction to this course. Included with the test is a link to valuable introductory natural health information appropriate for the situations indicated in the test, that should be helpful for making improvements. I provide this natural wellness tool as a public service with no charge.

If you do not have a copy of the Natural Health Wellness Test, click the link below or otherwise send an email to receive it back by email. Please share the test with other people that might like to be healthier.

Click here for the Natural Health Wellness Test


Go to Lesson 1: Natural Health Wellness Principles


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