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The most pressing issues of our time have to do with what those who are in power are doing to the population.

Controlled news, distracting entertainment, war, financial exploitation, multiple crises, and abuse by toxins and stress are programmed into their elaborate system to manipulate the public and keep us in the dark about what is really going on.

"Public Poisons" in multiple small doses is the primary real disease, and it is intentionally created.

Public poisoning of the masses with fluoride, chlorine, chemtrails, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, genetically modified organisms, medicines, vaccinations, aspartame, msg, etc.; manipulation of markets and prices, including oil, food, gold, silver, currencies, etc.; social engineering and mind control using media, constant war, secret technologies and earth changes; these are the issues of our time.

The awakening of loving awareness is crucial so that we may heal holistically and grow in consciousness.

-- Jon Miller, wellness educator, philosopher, societal analyst & author

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