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Holistic Natural Health Course

by Jon David Miller, holistic educator

We are living in a toxic and stressful environment. Toxins and stress have been critical factors in nearly any illness you or people you know may have had. Another key factor has been an inadequate supply of nutrients.

These conditions are avoidable, but few of us were taught correctly about the body and how to take care of its health naturally.

Based on decades of research, experience and writing, I have prepared this course to guide you through the principles of holistic natural health, as well as methods for improvement in health and well-being and prevention of problems.

In 5 easy lessons presented in short segments, this course will reveal to you what you need to know about taking care of yourself that you were likely not taught by your parents, nor in school, nor from the media.

I guarantee that you will learn something new and valuable. In fact, there is much that you really need to know about what is happening in our world that threatens the health of you and your loved ones.

This simple to understand program provides knowledge of:


This simple to understand program provides knowledge of:

~ holistic natural health principles

~ holistic living

~ stress control

~ protecting health

~ prevention of illness

~ environmental toxins

~ nutrients, water

~ self-care

~ alternatives

~ super foods, herbs, homeopathy,  . . .

and it includes a wellness questionnaire and personal response information that may be helpful for improvements.


You can learn to:

be in better balance ~~ have more energy

think more clearly ~~ sleep better

improve digestive activities ~~ improve bodily processes

support organs ~~ build immune strength

reduce inflammation ~~ prevent ailments

manage weight ~~ feel really well


holistic natural health knowledge in 5 lessons:

1) Holistic Natural Health Principles

2) Public Poisons

3) Distress Control

4) Natural Health Support

5) Wellness Quiz & Information Report

+ numerous resources

+ updates*

+ regular conference calls for follow-up*

+ access to archive of health articles & recordings*

*with full course


$6 per lesson (Lessons 1-4)

(each includes text, multiple short 5 to 8 minute recorded segments + resource links)

Wellness Quiz & Report - $10

(includes personal Wellness Information Report in response to Quiz)


$25 for full course of 5 lessons (save $9)

(includes personal Wellness Information Report in response to Wellness Quiz)


Click here to enroll for only Lesson 1

"The Holistic Natural Health Principles" ($6)


Click here to enroll for all 5 lessons

the full course, including the Quiz & Report ($25)


Click here for Wellness Quiz & Report only


NOTE: Each lesson's web page link will be provided by email. Pages may be periodically upgraded with improvements, and the internet location of the course pages may change. So please provide a valid email address.

You are welcome to share the lesson links with immediate family members, including parents and children, but please share only the following course intro link with other friends and family: http://NaturalHealthPortal.com/course.htm

(If you prefer a single lesson other than Lesson 1, let me know.)


Facilitator: Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

-- holistic educator, human nature researcher, philosopher, singer-songwriter, author of Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health (1978), plus seven other books, as well as presenter of seminars, lectures, consultations, recordings, articles and websites, with a number of appearances on radio and television.

~ Bachelor of Arts (1969) with honors in economics, social science (esp. history), philosophy - Ohio U

~ Master of Arts (1972) in religion with emphasis in psychology, esp. Carl Jung (thesis) - Hartford Seminary

~ Master of Divinity (1973) specialized in counseling - Hartford Seminary

~ Alternative education in natural health, music, yoga, transformational breathing, iridology, kinesiology, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrients, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more.

~ Father of three successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle, plus a “step son” now completing high school.

~ Unusual variety of work, educational and cultural experiences enhancing understanding of human nature, social organization and behavior



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