Natural Health Wellness

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool”. - Hippocrates


Natural Health Wellness

Learning Module

If you don't like illness, why not prevent or get rid of it?

by Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.,

holistic educator ~ natural health wellness pioneer ~ author

(more about Jon)

Please consider the information I have prepared for you to be as important as anything you have ever learned. There is much of it you probably do not already know.

We are living in a seriously confusing, toxic and stressful environment. Misunderstanding, tension, stress and toxins have been critical factors in nearly any illness or other personal problem you may have had. Other key contributing factors are likely to have been an inadequate supply of nutrients, oxygen and good water to the cells, and a related deficiency in full mental and emotional abilities.

If you have not pursued a holistic natural health wellness lifestyle, you probably have had some health issues unless you either have an extraordinarily strong constitution, or you have been very lucky so far.

Serious health conditions are avoidable, but few of us were taught correctly about the body and how to take care of our health naturally.

Based on decades of broad education, research, experience, writing and teaching, I have prepared a comprehensive learning module to inform you about intentional misinformation and deception, and guide you through the principles and methods of holistic natural health wellness for improvement in health and well-being and prevention of problems.

In 6 easy lessons presented in short segments, this important course will reveal to you crucial aspects of taking care of yourself that you were likely not taught by your parents, nor in school, nor from the medical profession, nor from the media.

I guarantee that you will learn something new and valuable. In fact, there is much that you really need to know about what is happening in our world that threatens the health and even the lives of you and your loved ones, and how to minimize the negative effects and make the world a better place.


You can learn to:

~ think more clearly ~ sleep better ~

~ be in better balance ~ have more energy ~

~ improve digestive activities ~ improve bodily processes ~

~ support organs ~ build immune strength ~

~ reduce inflammation ~ prevent illness ~

~ manage weight ~ feel really well ~

~ restore youthfulness


. . . The Natural Health Wellness Test is a valuable introduction to the learning module. Included with the test at no charge is a link to valuable introductory natural health information appropriate for the situations indicated in the test, that should be helpful for making improvements. Then greater details of self-care can be explored in the Natural Health Wellness Learning Module.

We need to be as healthy and as intelligent as possible to make our lives and the world better. This important module lays out the principles and methods for greater improvement in health and well-being and prevention of health problems.

If you do not have a copy of the Natural Health Wellness Test, click the link below or otherwise send an email to receive it back by email. Please share the test with other people that might like to be healthier.

Click here for the Natural Health Wellness Test


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Please take the steps to avoid false reality, the suffering of ill health, and the disappointment of missing what you could have learned.

Join us in the holistic learning process of digging deeper and climbing higher. Find out what others that have peeked around the veil of deception are learning, thinking and talking about. Please help to make others aware of this important information.


holistic natural health wellness knowledge in 6 lessons . . .


Lesson 1) - Natural Health Wellness Principles ($1.99)

good to know

order Lesson 1 only


Lesson 2) - Public Poisons ($1.99)

"must know" information

~ food, water & household poisons

~ environmental poisons

~ geo-engineering

~ pharmaceuticals

~ vaccines

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Lesson 3) - Distress Control ($1.99)

valuable concepts

~ detoxification

~ stress, tension and anxiety

~ relaxation

~ exercise

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Lesson 4) - Support for Basic Body Functions ($1.99)

important knowledge

~ digestion and colon

~ supplements

~ super foods

~ herbs

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Lesson 5) - Recovery and Prevention ($1.99)

specific suggestions

~ details for Natural Health Wellness Test indicators

~ help for systems and organs

~ support for immune system

~ prevention of problems

~ recovering wellness

~ rejuvenation

order Lesson 5 only


Lesson 6) - Holistic Natural Lifestyle ($1.99)

sensible ideas

~ healthy lifestyle choices

~ natural holism, the philosophy of life improvement

~ essentials of holistic reality learning

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(Lessons include text + short 5 to 8 minute recorded segments + resource links)

 + updates & addendums

+ numerous resources


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Natural Health Wellness Learning Module

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Natural Health Wellness Learning Module

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6 Natural Health Wellness Lessons

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~ archive of 100's of diverse, categorized resource links to

informative articles, audio & visual presentations and websites

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NOTE: After ordering, your appropriate access link will be provided by email within a day or two. Lesson pages may be periodically upgraded with improvements, and the internet location of the course and archives pages may change. So please provide a valid email address for updates.

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Holistic Reality Post-Cast

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My Holistic Reality Learning modules and post-casts

offer knowledge about subjects such as:

~ holistic awareness

~ holistic living alternatives

~ natural health wellness principles

~ stress control & relaxation

~ environmental toxins

~ self-care, protecting health, illness prevention & healing

~ nutrients, water, oxygen, super foods, herbs, growing food

~ clearing mental & emotional obstacles

~ increased intelligence & mind expansion

~ greater awareness, creativity & well-being

~ improved self knowledge & better relationships

~ breakthrough insights & technologies for better living


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45 years in the natural health field


Facilitator: Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic natural health wellness pioneer

-- holistic educator, human nature social scientist, philosopher, singer-songwriter, author of Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health (1978), plus seven other books, as well as presenter of seminars, lectures, consultations, recordings, articles, newsletters and websites, with a number of appearances on radio and television.

~ Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics, social science & philosophy - Ohio University, 1969

        special projects & activities:

            ~ intern in finance at executive offices of a major multi-national corporation

            ~ co-founder of a new fraternity chapter committed to academic achievement and no hazing

            ~ Honors College, Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society, chorus, theatre, intramural sports

~ Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, esp. the work of Dr. Carl Jung (thesis) - Hartford Seminary, 1972

        special projects & activities:

            ~ developed a play group of children in a mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood near downtown Hartford

~ participated in a summer program with seminary students from around the nation living communally and working on service programs sponsored by a coalition of downtown Hartford churches

            ~ initiated and operated a coffee house music, arts and discussion program for young adults in the Hartford area

~ Master of Divinity specialized in counseling - Hartford Seminary, 1973

        special projects & activities: 

            ~ participated in an experimental alternative church focused on personal improvement

            ~ developed a personal growth "encounter group" of young adults

            ~ directed, presented and toured the anti-war play, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, 1972, by Daniel Berrigan

~ former full-time professional musician

~ former Licensed Professional Counselor

~ co-founder of a natural foods co-operative

~ founder of a center for holistic natural health and personal growth

~ former on-staff natural health consultant at a holistic chiropractic clinic

~ former executive vice president of a natural health products corporation

~ former & current board member of multiple non-profit organizations involved with health, energy, arts & personal growth

~ former high school math teacher + substitute teacher for all grades in Akron Public Schools and other school systems

~ former church youth education director

~ performing singer, songwriter and musician

~ alternative education in natural health, music, yoga, transformational breathing, holistic learning, iridology, kinesiology, Reiki healing, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrients, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more

~ father of three successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle, plus a “step son” now completing high school

~ unusual variety of work, educational and cultural experiences enhancing understanding of holistic natural health, human nature, behavior and social organization

~ even more about Jon


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